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Hetaerae is...


...a multi-media (video/dance/text) excavation of the stereotyped images of female sexuality, to uncover the archetypes of feminine power that underlie them. It is a condemnation of a society that creates a demand for sex work, but looks down on sex workers. It is a reminder of the ways in which we create the world we live in, create it with our needs… the ones we understand and, most dangerously, the ones we don’t. It is a look at the price paid by those whose job it is to fulfill those needs… be they gods, whores, or simple performers. It posits that the three jobs are, essentially, the same.



Hetaerae examines the female archetypes of the Nurturer, the Challenger and the Seductress, looking at the masks… exalted, demonized, sentimentalized and/or fetishized… that each has worn throughout time. The script asks us to release others, especially women, from our own need-based projections, and to claim the power (of mercy, of strength, of beauty) to meet those needs ourselves. 

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